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KwikTagRolls.gif KwikTag Label Rolls - 500
The most popular product in our tagging solutions line. These are a favorite for users with a high number of documents or backfile needs. Each roll contains 500 globally unique KwikTag Labels and can be purchased in packs of 10 or in cases of 100 rolls. Designed to work with the Tagman Label Dispenser.
KwikTag Label Rolls - 500 - 10 Rolls        201-017 $189.00       
KwikTag Label Rolls - 500 - case of 100 Rolls        201-020 $1,599.00       
KwikTagLabelDispensers21 Tagman Label Dispensers
Tagman Label Dispensers are designed to work with KwikTag Label Rolls. The rolls combined with these dispensers makes it simple to file paper digitally. The Tagman Label Dispenser presents one sequential barcode label at a time in a smooth one-handed operation. Tagman Label Dispensers can be purchased in packs of 10 or in cases of 100, and come in either orange or black.
Tagman Label Dispensers - 10 Pack        201-019 $39.00       
StarterKit.gif Tagman Starter Kit
Great for offices just getting started, or adding additional users! Order a Tagman Starter Kit and receive 10 KwikTag Rolls combined with 5 Tagman Dispensers for one low price.
Tagman Starter Kit         201-033 $199.00